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Ingo – born an raised in the early 70’s in Germany’s famous Ruhr Area was introduced into making music by his brother in the early age of seven, inspired by the progressive Rock and first-step electronic music of this time. Thereby he got in touch with several instruments but he was mostly fascinated by playing the drums, which he was than classical educated in.

After unavoidably having had his first appereances as a musician in several bands, Ingo experienced a very momentous encounter with the world of electronic music – he got to know of the possibilities of one of the early 80’s drum machines. Concluding to the way drum patterns were programmed Ingo developed his own way of composing by just sketching the notes of rhythmic patterns on paper. Ingo’s driven many people crazy with drumming on everything that makes sound

In the following years he easily became more and more familar with the way in which professional electronic studio production works. In 1993 his first dance music production found its successful way into the clubs. With his feeling for rhythm and knowledge about how music floats and works on people, he also turned out to be a talented DJ. He has put the needle on vinyl in some of Europe’s famous clubs, always driving the crowd crazy with strong and deep sets. Nowadays Ingo spins regularly on the biggest radio stations worldwide with his own shows like “LIGHTWORKS” – an 8 hour DJ show in the mix on friskyRadio.com, every second friday of the month. Plus, he still serves international clubs with his breathtaking epically long sets as a demanded Progressive House, Tech-House, Deep House or even Ambient/Chillout DJ.

Ingo has established himself as one of the most influential figures in the field of progressive dance music over the last 5 years as both a DJ, and a producer. In his latest GIGS, he is blurring the line between DJing and live performance engineering by utilizing two external FireWire audio cards, a laptop sporting Mixmeister® software, enabling for a more full-featured club experience more akin to a concert than a standard night out at a dance club. On-the-fly remixes and compositions are just some of the capabilities of this new performance method.

Although he was really into the nightlife, Ingo was always aware that he needs to seriously build up an existance which make allowance for his multitude of talents. He established himself by starting his own media agency business whilst continuing to be a demanded music producer and composer.

For over 4 years Ingo worked as a multimedia designer and produced on many top selling albums and singles. Having ‘learnt’ about the business side of the dance music industry over those 4 years, he decided to withdraw himself to a beautiful small spot on the island of Mallorca. From there he could live his love of production and be constantly inspired by the beauty of the mediterranean island. After giving birth to his debut artist album of late 2003, in 2004 he returned back to germany to fulfill things yet to be done … his love for music led him to initialise the german association – SAVEMUSIC, which works hard these days to save the art of making music and its artists. Ingo was the president of SAVEMUSIC, now he’s an honourary member and still an active consultant.

One of his strongest influences was, and still is, Marc Mitchell, particularly his remix album “Tales from the engine room”, as well as BT, and Sasha but also all the early pioneers in electronic music like Jarre and Vangelis. There’s not only mention of genius’ Marc Mitchell or Markus Reuter as mentors, but as close friends now.

Ingo about writing music:

“Once you got a particular feeling, the music goes its way. Writing music will stop when I stop to feel. Until then I will bother the world with my stuff …”

With his extensive background and experience in music it seemed only logical for Ingo to take on multiple musical projects. Nowadays Ingo works together with producers and musicians from all over the globe, songwriters, vocalists,  no matter what style of music it concerns, if it’s electronic music combined with acoustic instruments, progressive dance music, chillout, ambient, rock influenced electronica, classic or music for TV and film: Every production that leaves Ingo’s studio has this ’special difference’ in sound quality, composure, and arrangement.

2007 will see the very unique releases of some epic works, a 4 hour DVD-A album in 5.1 Dolby DTS divided into 4 chapters, each 1 hour … no cloud too high.

Many of Ingos colleagues and fans often wonder how a family father to two handles all this … and do musicians not also live basically, kind of unreliable? He shows the world what’s possible with the suitable passion and the love to music and the people. This man has just cracked the surface of his love for music and it can only lead him – and those who are fortunate enough to hear his work – to higher places

Ingo currently resides in Western Germany’s Ruhr Area – very countryside, near his birthplace. He spends an inordinate amount of time (like 32 hours a day) in his new Moonsun Studio to work on his countless projects. Sitting beneath Ingo @ work is like putting fingers into a wall socket. Do not speak to him, this man is in an altered state of consciousness!


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