Vanina Buniak

Techno / Electronica

Vanina Buniak was born in Rosario, Argentina, in June 13 th of 1980. Servant under musical familiar influences, from little girl learned piano, choir and diverse dances. It began to be interested in the electronic music from her first contacts with discos within 11 years old. From this then, it she was crossing different musical genres, but always inclining for the electronic sounds. Due to the great growth that took place in the electronic music, during the last years, it she began to compete to massive parties both in Rosario and in Buenos Aires. Artists like Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo, between others, her woke up feelings and many desires to form his your passion for the music. Her first show was in August 2005, in the bar "Kasa Enkantada", having great acceptance of the public. Bearing in mind the context that surrounds it, Vanina is characterized for mixing a great variety of styles, generating an environment of many motivation and dance for those who listen to her.

2006 began it with many projects, knew Martin Rouille and Maxi Doble C, and joined the agency Megamind, it she is as well as it she began to play with important djs of the electronic scene in Rosario. Later it she played in the Jah! Bar of the capital city of Buenos Aires, it is there where one presented the possibility of enter in the staff of g3booking.

From this moment it she began to approach more the circuit of the electronic music of the capital city, and played in other places as Great Club, and then in an important festival worldwide called "Earthdance", where cabin booth with some of the most representative deejays of the sound situation. Later resident joined like dj to the staff of the radio ADN ALTERNATIVE and to the staff of the radio DLA. In both radios it she does programs where the principal concept, it is to be able to present every week a set with a different style, and also combine several styles in the same set.

Vanina manages to call the attention of many deejays, for your prompt evolution in a little time, and many people have supported she for her humility and talent. Along your career, she shared cabin with such artists like: Chris Fortier (USA), Digitalmod, Moksha, Vilela (Brazil), Wild-Lion, Guts, Nico B, Carlos Pereyra, Tarkan (Turkey), Fernando Picon (Uruguay), Hans Tavera (Perú), Hollogram (México), between others.

This year she played in important clubs of another countries, like Mexico and Brasil. In cities like D.F, Guadalajara ( La Santa, Shaga ), Veracruz, Cuernavaca ( Continental ), Tulum, San Luis Potosí, Cascavel ( Bielle ), Guarapuava, Itaipava, Indaiatuba ( Zoff Club )… 

Today in day she continues being perfected, studying production of electronic music and buying your proper vinyls, to be able to manage to have the level of professionalism that she wish. Her desire is not only to transmit melodic sounds, but also to fuse them in a message of peace and spirituality creating a musical "trip".




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