Deep & Dark Progressive

PANAITESCU RAZVAN aka DJ TOPO His first contact with electronic music was in 1990 when he started to listen Prodigy, U 96, 2 Unlimited, Kraftwerk. His love for music became soon an obsession, obsession wich turn him finally into a Dj. He bought the first vinyl in Italy in 1998 . He started to play in a underground club (in main and after hours) from GALATI / ROMANIA : Mon Caprice . DJ Topo was invited in a lot of clubs from Romania and outside , he played with a lot of big artists Dj Tarkan , Anthony Pappa , Rick Pier O’Neil , Dpen , Sertac Kaya, Snake Sedrick, Federico Epis, David West, Christian Duran, Kintar & Rex, V-Sag, Yvel & Tristan..etc Approaching the progressive style,he covers the entire specter, from "calm" songs to agressive basselines acording by location,public vibe and party itself Topos stand against monotony and love possitive dynamic sets. The club, the people, the sound system and the rest of the Dj..s invited are the most common elements to determine a Dj set. "I am a big fan of technology. Now we have the possibility to create more,beeing able to combine loops,effects and many other things" DJ TOPO loves music with rythm, and adore songs who makes you move, his prestation been a dynamic one. From 2004 he was the best DJ from Galati and become the resident of CAVE CLUB , also an underground club , making warm-up for great DJ’s . Now is resident at PASHA CLUB / GALATI one of the best clubs from country , playing his good and unique style who make the crowd feel happy . Topo is one of the few romanian Dj..s, who is having the same style in music,and didn’t think about change it very soon. DJ TOPO is also – a producer , remixer. He signed contracts with more Labels and he’s waiting to sign with many others . One of the new element in Topo..s work is creating sets for a number of radio stations. He thinks that the "good guys" never find the way into tops,there are many capable and good producers in the world compare to ones who are already in top 100.


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