Ambient / Psychedelic / Minimalist

Pavel Stoychev – Surbahar is a musician and music producer from Sofia – Bulgaria.

He started producing electronic music in 2002. Pavel was playing in different bands such as:  Band of Mad Women, Bluba Lu, Mescalitto, Pumpal and more. He is also working in two other projects – Samodelia & TubeFx.

For himself and his music he says:  “My inspiration is the nature and the science of the inner knowledge.
Our consciousness has a lot of questions whose answers are forgotten. Creating music helps me to remember them.”

Some unforgettable gigs on festivals:

Sub fest 98’99
Music&Film fest’99
Sola Rama festival’99
XPO festival 2002
Ozora festival 2005
No Mans Land festival 2007
Transylvania Calling festival 2007
Gathering of the Tribe 2007
Sziget festival 1998/99/2001/05/06/07/09
Earthdance festival 2006/07
Surbahar India tour 2009
Artmospheric festival 2007/08/09/10/11/12/13
Poetics festival 2010/11
Melow Festival 2011
Tangra festival 2011/12/13
Alarma Punk Jazz fest 2012/13

The idea of Artmospheric team was born in the beginning of 2006. This is our independent artist organization. More info:


– Electronica / Progressive album (TBA)


– Ambient album – The Om Remains the Same – Chill Om Rec 2011
– VA Sugar Gets Me Hi (Surbahar Remix) by Chill Om Records 2010
– Money YaY – VA (Brocoli compilation) 2009
– Swa-Raaj – VA (Chill Om Records 2008)
– AZAAD-E – VA (Chill Om Records 2007)
– Port 1 VA (Port 1 Records, BG, 2006)
– Artmospheric VA (Altera magazine, BG, 2006)
– Bluba Lu – "Bluba Lu in Wonderland" 2001 (Yello Music)
– Band of Mad Women – "Golden Moon"2000 (Wizard Ltd)
– Band of Mad Women – "Reason for Divine Madness" 1999 (Wizard Ltd)

  Online releases:

– Volume 10 VA (Blocksonic 2007)
– Kioto Hine VA (Controne Records 2006)
– Gopal (Ouim 2006)
– TubeFx Project (Ouim 2006)
– Band of Mad Women – "Rodopted"2004 


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