I was interested in music from an early age and I have been classically trained in the Saxophone and Drums. Starting the early 90’s, I was influenced by artists such as The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, FatBoy Slim, Junkie XL and many others. I remember the energy created by the Prodigy when I attended their concerts during the late 90’s; it was from then that I decided to create the same energy
and emotions for the crowd I would play to. The breaks genre had not evolved into what it is today, and at that time it was a mixture the hard Dance Genre (Rave) and early Drum and Bass. I had my first experience with turntables in London back in the year 2000, and it took of from there. I had played at many events in London, although not particularly legal in nature
(raves, squats and free parties). The name SubDog was given to me by my friends because of my infatuation with deep baselines and heavy beats. I specialized in mixing and producing Acid Breaks which is still my specialty till this day. During the July war, I created a project of my own called Rise Above; which was a dedication to Lebanese and all victims of war. Although it was not Acid breaks,
I still consider it one of my best works to date. It has been downloaded over 7000 times across many websites around the world and has inspired many people (feedback from emails). Today, I am still trying to get the word out about Breaks and DubStep and I feel like the music scene in Lebanon, although wide spread and popular, isn’t getting the full picture.
I was accepted to play at the 2007 Music Festival that is usually done every 21st of June by the French Consulate, but due to security reasons, the event was cancelled. I promote my genre because I truly believe that it is under-rated in Lebanon, and that the masses are missing out on one of the most energetic and mind-blowing genres out there.
Thanks to the Kaotik System and Acousmatik System and their concept of free parties, I have been able to get my music out there, and so far the reactions have been more than spectacular. My only wish is to increase awareness about my genres as well as promote my music in front a huge crowd, and show them what my message is all about; just pure mind blowing fun.

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