No Specific Genre

In this world of Dance Music business where, unique works of art is labeled and simplified as dispensable, recycling beats and toolboxes of sound , in different rigid genres, where the Artist is simplified  simply as track-makers and replayers, Stasis salutes all Electronic music ARTISTS worldwide for their hard effort to share their inner Kingdoms as precious artworks. Stasis is hosted by Sarp Yilmaz a Dj/Producer from Istanbul, who released many records since 2004 on many respected labels, both on vinyl and digitally. Lets all dance and have fun, but please don’t forget that the music we’re dancing to, is not some sort of machine designed to stimulate our dancing efforts, but ART, and the Artists contributing to it are not mere technicians with a knowledge in esoteric Music software. They are painters of Sound, and their hard effort creating this beautiful pieces of ART deserve much applause and respect, in a world where only a small minority of them actually gain financial profit of their work, but most of them do this out of sheer artistic need to communicate and share their inner worlds, in some sort of non-linguistic form, in this case in form of "Electronic Dance Music".



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