Ryan K


Ryan.K, a lebanese born DJ and Producer with a passion for music from day one. Inspired & Influenced by Heavy Metal and most of all 60’s and 70’s Psychedelic Rock.
The Year was 2010, the debut that kick started his electronic music career. Seduced by the sounds of Deep House, Tech House, Indie – Nu Disco and Techno…Ryan was hooked instantly. His ears & sounds were progressively evolving right from the start. By the end of 2011, having honing his technique and capturing his sound, his focus leaned on producing; with his first upcoming Acid House release on Beirutish Records at the end of 2012 as part of the "Inside Chuckie Cheese" E.P by J! .
He’s performed live in clubs & pubs all over Beirut, including: SpinOut, DEPOT (after-hours club), The La Guava Resort Beach Parties, Lush, B.L Club, Berlin, PeachPuff, Le Stay, The Closet, Cribs Pub, Forestronika (2012 Electronic Music Festival) and has his weekly residency at Pasteur.
Today his sound is transmitted through an infusion of blending deep vibes, mixing elevated feelings and grooving disco-ish cosmic tripping baselines.
He’s currently going professional and taking it to another level, mastering in Audio Engineering and Electronic Music Production, placing his love for music above all.




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