Roel Funcken


Production Mode: Roel Funcken
Based in Weesp, Holland. 1 album, 4 eps to date and a mix for Igloomag. Labels are his own camp Funcken Industry, Eat Concrete, aD Noiseam, ShipWrec, Tympanik Audio, Combat Recordings.
The production end of life for Roel Funcken as a solo artist began in earnest in 2010, with a full length release on Ad Noiseam records entitled "Vade".
After almost 15 years generating a huge discography of works as Funckarma and various other monikers (with his brother Don), Roel felt it was time to express his own work cohesively. Since that time he has released the full length Vade on Ad Noiseam records, the eps Skinetic Culpture, Fes Bace, Scure and the remix Spletch for Julien Mier. 2012 has a new full length tentatively titled "Mercury Retrograde" in the works. Check a preview of the title track here:
Roel’s sound is in a constant state of dynamic evolution, bringing to life his broad love for genres in new hybrids which are difficult to tag into single coffins. A definite leaning towards jazz-influenced-future-bass could stand reasonably well if an article required compartmentalization.

DJ Mode: rFunck
It’s been a long and diverse experience for Roel Funcken when it comes to music.
One constant throughout this journey has been his love for the decks and the people moving to them. As the youngest finalist of the DMC NL in the 80’s (age 13), he was pushing wax with some of the pioneers of the now global scene, feeding the floors the enthusiasm he was feeling for the new music coming to light at that time.
From the start of this life-long ambition Roel took his love for funk, jazz, hip hop etc and began applying his own unique take to the dj set, blending an eclectic love of sound with a cohesive form for the live venue. After years of production/live shows in the infamous Funckarma, a maze of other releases/projects – and also drawing from his degree in Sonology – he forged a method for live dj work that is fiercely unique, impeccable in its sound quality, memorable and crowd energizing.
Roel has now moved to digital methods for mixing live, putting all his production/studio skills into creating versatile and dynamic sets that traverse genres and keep the sound fresh for today’s evolving dancefloor. Having released his first full length solo album "Vade" on ad Noiseam records (home of Enduser, DJ Hidden etc) to critical acclaim followed by a range of eps and remixes on labels like Eat Concrete he draws from a mix of his own work and the latest in Dubstep, Techno, Acid and DnB as the vectors for his sessions.
2010 forward became a fresh path for Roel, still maintaining his work with Funckarma but also taking his own vision to a new place. His recent sets at festivals and clubs across Europe attest to this new angle, and the packed floors resonate with his ability to move the crowds.


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