Rasti Tkac

Progressive / Progrsv House / Ambient

Born in Slovakia in 1978 into traditional musician family, Rasti Tkac grows up strongly influenced by music. Very early, he begins learning classical piano and music theory, already at age 5. After 1989, when his country opened its borders to the cultural variety of the world, he discovered a passion for electronic music. From the sound of Depeche Mode through the darker paths of E.B.M, Rasti found his way to club music, especially its progressive forms, with its fusion of groovy rhythms and emotional atmospheres and vocals. After high school, Rasti was desperate to express his own thoughts and emotions through the language of music. However, with a weak technical background, he couldn’t do much more than listen to other productions. Then, in 1998, a chance encounter led Rasti to cross paths with Tomas Haverlik, with whom he started to discover the path of computer-based production. Their experiments were the foundation for what would become the duo Tkac & Haverlik. 2001 was the breakthrough year for Rasti and Tomas, with the release of Tomas’ Hannah with Rasti’s remix on the B side. Their next productions — Tyra, Synthia, and Noel — were released by legendary progressive-house label Baroque Records, earning Rasti and Tomas the respect of the scene. A slew of remix work soon followed. Since 2005, Rasti is taking break from the Tkac & Haverlik partnership to pursue solo projects while also playing DJ gigs throughout Europe. 2007 sees him debuting on Toes in the Sand, with the Sparkling Inspiration release comming out during WMC2007. With his solo debut, Rasti proves that he is a guarantee for top quality progressive music. In 2008 Rasti takes his chance and starts his monthly show — Equilibrium — on the prestigeous internet radio Pure.FM, where he presents his selection of best progressive music. Early in the year he also continues his production activity and works on remix for new-breed hungarian label SoundTribe and prepares material for his new-born partnership with steeply rising, progressive essence preserving, argentinian label Sudam.


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