Rami H.R

Minimal / Techno

Rami H.R raised on 90s hip hop, Funk and rock and roll from his very urban childhood, he started to explore the rave scene in 1998 under the influence of Oakenfold, Sasha, Digweed, Daftpunk, Kraftwerk, Richie Hawtin, Lemon 8 and many more ….

Always involved in creating new sound in his sets and mixing many genres like (Minimal, Tech House, Atmospherical House, Progressive House) and some unreasonable sounds to turn you on..!!! He began his production career with some remixs and mashups for artists like (Minilogue, Phonique, Chris Micali, Extrawelt and many more
in order to catch the spirit of producing and to start creating his housy sound…. a remix played by Hernan Cattaneo metro show called Balada Smile (Rami HR Remix) – Swayzak vs. Emil Lassaria

He spinned in many private parties and some clubs like B018 and Spicy, shared his sets in many music sites, radio shows and EDM forums aiming to distribute his sound and taste in electronic music.


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