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Rabih Hamad-born on the 8th of September 1982 in Beirut city, in the heart of Lebanon. From a young age, Rabih was inspired by music. He started playing the bass guitar when he was in high school, at thee ripe at of 16. By 2000, he was the bass guitarist for ‘Soul Active’. Rabi-H also had a chance to mentor young music lovers. However, in 2005 the band split up.

By 2006, Mr.H had his own DJing equipment. This gave him the opportunity to experiment with music and to develop different mixing techniques. Rabih started out his career playing in private parties.

Mr.H is no stranger to techno. Being one of the first to witness the burgeoning of the new techno sound, Rabi-H managed throughout the years to develop his own signature style. His brand of dry bass-heavy techno has won over many a technohead’s heart over the years, playing in all kinds of environments, be it outdoor raves, boat parties or underground parties, putting him at the helm of the underground techno scene.

Mr.H has performed at some of the biggest underground clubs in Lebanon- such as The Basement, Wonderbar, Electro Mechanic,Q Bar,Club 9- as well as performing in Bahrain Dubai and Qatar and in the International Music Festival, Kaotik Systems’ Monster Bash,Forsetronika,Minimal Effort and Fete de la Music. Mr.H has also created some smashing sets for Frisky Radio, UBRadio,Future sound of house and Beattunes!

Mr.H is now working on creating his own style of music. He aspires to be a great producer and to be able to share his mind blowing music with the world.


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