Phobiq Grooves

Experimental / Ambient / Electronica

the Mindchild of K.a.n from Mauritius island has served as a unifying platform for the most abstract and underground Djs from all across the globe,exposing the most subversive colors through sounds, redefining music as most have known it.
It’s been 2 years that Phobiq has been providing the most unique experience with over 25,000 visitors and downloads, becoming a central cornerstone for cultured ears absorbed into quality underground music. Defeating genre boundaries,
Phobiq has seen the light in the dark from fusions of sounds ranging
from progressive,uplfiting, pyschedelic techno, with the unifying characteristic of having dark undertones.
The show has seen a wide diversity of djs whose passion for the music they play is evident, along with creating necessary exposure for up and coming artists/producers that had no means to transmit their sounds.

Have u ever tasted the forbidden Fruit? Tune in to indulge yourself into the purest of sins.

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