Miss RedFlower

Drum n Bass

Producer & DJ “Katharina Blum” aka “Miss RedFlower” is one of a few female artists in the
Drum’n’Bass scene who ventured on to the floor of Music Production. Starting off as a
Promoter and DJ she quickly felt the inner urge to express herself creatively with her own
music…Her music has been released on various Labels such as Freak Rec, Fallout,
Trustinmusic, Icarus, Mindsaw…etc.

Not just electronic music moves her heart. She also loves to play the guitar and sing. Just
like life, it has it’s ups and downs, contains many joys and pain, her music can also be quite
unpredictable and changing. As a DJ she’s known for her diversified sets. Expect a lot of
new music from Miss Redflower for 2011.


[2010]Miss Redflower – Cotton Hill – Fall out Rec.
[2010]Neonlight & Miss Redflower – Dessert – Trustinmusic
[2010]Miss Redflower – Devotion – Trustinmusic
[2010]Rregula & Dementia ft. Miss Redflower – Last Hope – Icarus Rec
[2010]Miss Redflower – Tongue Out – Order in Kaos Rec.
[2009]Miss Redflower – Over Here – Freak MP3
[2009]Fremen & Miss Redflower – Red Dawn – Desert Planet Rec
[2009]Miss Redflower – You Rise – Overload Rec.
[2008]Miss Redflower – Here To Fly (Misha Rmx) – Trustininmusic
[2008]Misha ft. Miss Redflower – Stay with me – Trustinmusic
[2007]Miss Redflower – Butchers Daughter – Mindsaw
[2007]Miss Redflower – Test Of Faith – Mindsaw

“The butcher’s daughter is down for business knocking on heavy drums & cruel bass lines. Katharina Blum the Drum’n’Bass artist (producer/dj) from Germany is our March guest on Trakhadrom.”

Q-What is the significance of your name, Miss Redflower? How did you get that name?
For a long time my favorite colour was red and my second name “Blum” means flower.

Q-When & what drew your attention to Drum n bass? Why Drum n Bass?
I just happened to land on a drum&bass party one day and from that moment I fell helplessly in love with drum&bass;)

Q-Who was your influence? how long have you been a DJ/producer?
I cant say that I have a specific artist that influenced me. Drum&Bass in general influcened and is part of my life. I started Djing when I was about 16 years old and producing when I was about 21.

Q-Which style do you prefer, the twisted, hard DnB or the liquid chilled out DnB?
In general I prefer the deeper side of drum&bass…as you can hear in my mix. But I also listen to a lot of other drum&Bass. I like to listen to chilled out drum&Bass as much as I like hard and heavy drum&bass and other music of course.

Q-How would you describe your sounds? and what do you want to deliver to the listener?
When I make music I mainly try to express what I feel in the moment. That can sometimes be hard & heavy and sometimes soft and relaxed.

Q-Who would you like to work with in the future?
Not sure..haven really thought about this:) But I am pretty much someone who prefers making music alone..hehe

Q-Would you be interested in spinning in Lebanon? what’s a country of your choice?
I love to play anywhere where people love drum&bass:) I have never been in Lebanon and therefore it would be a new and interesting experience…

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