Manu Harmilapi

Dark Ambient

His first record was released in 1993 as a 7inch coloured vinyl. Originally from Cologne, Manu distributed the record, pure Acid tunes, by himself to record stores in his hometown. Since the record was already sold out within two weeks, a further vinyl, this time 12inch and again Acid, was distributed worldwide. This record was also not optimally mixed, however that didn’t matter at the time. Proud owner of a TB 303 and equipped with an Akai S1100 sampler, he soon set up a Jungle live act together with Daddy Roach. After discovering break-beats, he developed a passion for Drum’n’Bass, but times were tough: the 303 and the S1100 had to be sold to pay the rent – and he was forced to sell most of the other equipment he had been using to produce his music. „The only cut-off sounds I could produce without my equipment were done with my toothbrush“ Manu Harmilapi comments on this phase. In the end, the talented lateral thinker of Indian origin decided to relocate to Hamburg for a new start. Highly motivated, he very quickly set up the label He started recruiting like-minded artists via the Internet, anticipating today’s common idea of online artist networks. Soon the first releases were pressed on 12inch and made available for purchase. To this day he is responsible for label management and A&R at Plainaudio, while other artists from the early days form today’s core team. Harmilapi then began organising the party series „Elektronik Milieu“ in his newly adopted hometown and became co-organiser and Drum’n’Bass resident with the legendary „Drumbule“ crew and events of the same name. Together with Patrick Delsing, he set up the film post production company DOCK11 which also concentrates on music production and sound design. Having never abandoned his love for electronic music, he decided to found a second label to indulge in this passion: Elektronik Milieu Rec. Current productions by Manu Harmilapi are marked by a passion for detail and elaborate arrangements. Grating basslines carry his futuristic sound design, while an atmosphere of melancholy and darkness contribute to a unique style that characterizes all of his productions. When listening to his tracks, I am transported into a different mysterious world right from the very first seconds.



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