Year 1997 – Music Production and Audio Engineering (SAE, School of Audio Engineering, Sydney, Australia.

January 20th 1999 till June 30th 1999 Employed in Factory Productions as an assistant Audio Engineer for organising big and small stage events, shows, and concerts including: The Laughter Factory, Disco Inferno Retro Tour, Jabel Ali US Marine Force Concert PA System setups, Experience (The Dubai Trade Center Tribal-Techno Venue) and various Vocal and DJ setups

February 5th – March 10th, 2000 – Trained in Al Sajat Art Production Studios as an assistant Audio Engineer running Protools TDM.

December 6th 2000 May 6th 2001: Employed in Dubai, U.A.E. in V.V. and Sons Ltd. – Professional Systems Division, in Audio and Martin Light Systems as a Sales Engineer in selling and designing Audio-Visual Systems for consultants, contractors, shopping malls, concerts, and Hotels. Ref. Mr. Tony Sawyer (General Manager).

June 1st 2001 to December 1st 2001: Employed in JVC Professional Projects Division in Video and Audio systems. Designing Quotations and reporting directly to the General Manager. January 2002 to October 2002: Employed in Lightpipe Group, Dubai, U.A.E. as an assistant Audio Engineer Engineer.
June 2003 to date: Self owned freelance music production company Key Fx Productions for various band rehearsals and takes. Employed in Virgin Megaspores in Music Instrument Garage

15th 2003 till February 12th 2004 and May 12th 2004 to November 11th Studio sales and Pro Studio Recording section. Played Live in Social Club
as a part Time Live DJ on Sundays, using and running Ableton live and RM1X Yamaha sequencer. Live 3 hour sets of Psy-electro-minimal-ambient-electronica. Employed with Audiominds Group as a Sound Engineer

January 28nd to June 2nd 2005. Internship in Advertising and Graphic Design in the Creative Department in Fortune Promoseven Advertising Agency. Played 3 Hour Psy Chill Acts at Artlounge Lebanon. Studio Acoustics built for DJ Lethal Skills, at Hamra-Beirut. KeyFX Productions 2007-2011.

Audio Engineer at ANK Media Group -Moscow- 2011.

Audio Engineer @ Digital October – Moscow 2011.

Audio Engineer @ Kosmodrom Club Moscow 2012.

Audio-Visual Specialist at MusicRoyal – Moscow 2012.

Audio Engineer at G8 Studios – Moscow Russia.

This is the list of Albums Released on KeyFX Records:

2 Albums Produced for Ekher Jeel (Mujtama3 Awanta-T.V.A) Album
Master for Plethora’s Album
Recording and Master for Bob Arja – Hip/Hop Album. 10 Tracks
Recording and Master for The M.T.A – Hip/Hop Album. 9 Tracks
Umoja Radio U.K. Best Ambient Track of 2008 Release.

Retrodifferentiation – Released for Swaraaj on ChillOm Records – India
Affected Vol.1 / Released in All Digital Stores.
Affected Vol.2 / Released in All Digital Stores.
Affected Vol.3 / Released in All Digital Stores.
Affected Vol.4 Released in All Digital Stores.
Affected Vol.5 / Released in All Digital Stores.
Symbiosis / Released in All Digital Stores.
Single for Mc Toni (Lesh Heik)
Single for Jihad Ghamloush. (Ma3na Al Watan)
Single for Maroun Ghafary (Law Fi 7abibi)
Storytell for Leonid Volodarsky
Storytell – Kharbin.
Olga Grino – Bog- single
Vladimir – Rojdenia – Single
Irina – Pakoi – Single
Lucas Romero – i2;l6;n3; i6;l6;k6;l5;k2;n3;
Edy – Ne Zabut – Single
Edy – Clap Song
Vozrashenia – Andrey – Single
Leto Popolam – Andrey – Single

Currently involved with Mastering Projects for Local – and not so local Clients.


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