Juan Azar

Techno / Electronica

Juan Azar a talent by instinct! Nurtured by music Juan Azar a Lebanese citizen, born in ZAHLE an exceptional town in the valley of Bekaa . Cracking his way only at the age of 7 by mastering the Trevertial Flute , under the schooling of the highly recognized ‘ Conservoitoire of Zahle ‘ . That was the beginning of his mindblowing career. Music being a major influence on him , Juan decided to expand his horizon in a unique approach , that is by learning to play the highly sensual instrument , the SAXOPHONE , his path was lead by private lessons with the recognized legend Nizam Tamim ; hence, having a matchless cultured base in both the classic and jazz genres .He added the Trumpet too to his personal music encyclopedia.
Determination and ascetic sense pushed Juan , DRUMS were next in line , practicing that as a school student and being the vital beat of the band “ ADDICTED“ ; so in harmony reflecting a variety of ROCK , SOFT ROCK , JAZZ .

Juan Azar having a social background rich of music elite, was surrounded by regionally regarded DJs E.L.I, Alex, Willy, H’D, and ALALASTA being leaders and colleagues they embraced and mentored Juan to a DJing calling. Spinning on vinyl Juan lunched his DJ career in his 1st appearance, an exception in the music globe, Juan Azar performed in ‘POUSSIER D ‘ETOILES V2’. Now, carefully producing his recent sets by playing Deep house, Tech house, Techno & Electronica, a reflection of a phenomena in the music world , a cultured talent , a presentation of a genius blend of genres, meeting all your desires with some surprises , presenting amazing value.


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