Adult Music

DJ, Member of Adult Music alongside DJ Taucher since 2005. A&R manager of Jetlag Digital, Co-Producer of Mannover since 2007. Resident @ Friskyradio.com.

Hyline hosted several radioshows in the past and plays in over thousand Shows.

Since June 2008 he plays exclusively at San Francisco’s Radiostation Friskyradio.com, which is the most important progressive radiostation worldwide, well known in the international scene. His Shows are Adult Music with DJ Taucher and Advanced Views together with Shane.

His ‘adult’ approach to progressive music lead to increasing numbers of his audience and the list of guest DJ’s seems to be a who-is-who of the progressive house music scene. Hyline can always be seen live at several locations and numerous events around Europe.

For the unique progressive sound Taucher propelled as both dj and producer, he found the characteristic name „Adult Music“. Far from sounding presumptious, he simply tried to express his crucial artistic and personal development. And 2005 Taucher involved DJ Hyline from Hannover in his project Adult Music. Whenever you come across the claim „Adult Music“, you can be sure good old Taucher and Hyline are involved. In no time, the new name not only turned programmatic but also magnetic, and not only for adults.

Hyline released as Mannover (together with his friend and partner Yamin) original and remixed material on BIT Records Mexico, Atlant Digital and Jetlag Digital. He mixed a label compilation for BIT Records Mexico and his first own release and a Label Compilation will arrive soon.

In 2008, Hyline is signed as A&R Manager on Jetlag Digital and together

with Shane (Labelowner), he releases 28 EP’s and 3 artist-albums in the same

year, all available worldwide in around 70 online-shops. Moreover, the newcomer

label Jetlag Digital makes it into the Top 100 progressive-house sales charts a

several times!


Hyline greatest signings in his very A&R Manager career: Harry Lemon8, Moshic, Polefolder, DJ Taucher, Fady Ferraye, Nick Hogendoorn, Kintar, Retroid, Python, Frangellico, Marcelo Vasami, Oliver Morgenroth, aso.


Hyline about himslef: "Led by pure emotion, my style unconsciously evolved into what I call "deep, dark and progressive" in an Adult Music way. It is wonderful to live, hear and feel this kind of music. It never ceases to amaze and challenge you, it gives you pleasure and is always present but never obtrusive – every time a revelation, music of my heart and soul."


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