Dark Techno

GO!DIVA was born in Holland in 1980 and growing up she had a passion for all types of music early on. At the young age of 12, she was exposed to House music and began building her vinyl collection. Shortly after, DJs like Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills, Sven Vath, Richie Hawtin had a profound influence in the type of music that interested her and GO!DIVA’s love for Techno was born.
Having respect and interest in all types of electronic music, GO!DIVA’s true and unique interest lies in the darker side of Techno and Minimal. Although she produced music before it was not until 2009 when she realized that her passion for Techno was more than just a hobby, but her true calling in life. It was at this time when her talent in production started taking shape as well as her DJing career.
Having been only producing full time for a few months, she got her break in feb. 2010 by signing her first release, `Be Patient` on Lot49! Soon after that more prominent releases on !Organism, Brickwork, Machine Box, Gobsmacked, Speca, Intertech Records, Redbox Records, NBG-Music, AOA recordings and Pikimup followed.
Releases on Brood Audio, Brickwork, Unofficial Records, Emote Music, The Zone Records, Triskeltech Records, Gynoid, Herzschlag and more are scheduled for the next few months and more will follow.

Be sure to check out her own radioshow `GO!DIVA FM` on the technochannel on www. fnoob.com and her incredible roster of guests so far.


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