Tribal / Progressive House

GLENDER aka Antonio Tavares, was born in a small village called Cumieira,
Vila Real de Trás os Montes, situated in the high lands of Portugal.
He lived there until he was18 years old. When he was 18 he moved to Lisbon,
Portugal to enter into the Portuguese Navy, where he was for six years.
The music was always a passion for him, ever since he was a child.
Antonio started his first steps into electronic music production in 2003.
The experience was so gratifying that he quickly discovered that electronic music was his life.
Glender’s style is described as deep tribal, dark and progressive.
He doesn’t want to commit on one of these styles because electronic
music has a very great range and it would be fatal to constitute on only one of these.
Glender is always trying to create a good and impulsive flow of music that glides along like waves.
This kind of music – his music – is what is called deep dark progressive in an adult way.
To explain this a little bit more, he quotes: “It is just wonderful to hear
this music, feel this music and live this music. Music that always pushes to
upper limits, that takes you on a trip. It touches you, it gives you moments
of unbelievable feelings. Music that is just present without driving you nuts.
Music that gives you new things all the time. Music for your mind, your body and your soul.


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