G! & Special_kase !

House / Electronica

G! & Special_kase are a dj / producer duo conceived in 2004 in Beirut, Lebanon. They present a wide selection of sounds for your aural pleasure. From San Francisco deep house, to Nordic techno, from New York house to German minimal techno, these kids are playing it all.

They began in a tiny pub in Beirut called Mint, hauling a desktop computer they’d set up at the bar from which they played their music to a humble crowd of 100 people every Sunday night. Eventually the crowd got bigger, so did the venues, from colonial Lebanese villas (UV) to legendary afterhours venue (Orange Mechanique or the original B 018) to rotten underground watering holes (Black Diamond) to brand new club (Silicon) to American superclub (Crobar), and regionally in Dubai (Submarine) and Bahrain (Coral Beach & Dar Island). They were the champion dj’s of the afterhours scene in Beirut and the original founders of TAGevents, a promotional team who threw these afterhours parties.

They’ve played with Big Al (Montreal) Behrouz (San Francisco) Pablo Ceballos (Madrid) Sultan (Montreal) Sharam (DC) Yvel & Tristan (Budapest) Baloo (Riyadh) Asad Rizvi (London) as well as an array of talented Middle Eastern dj’s. They’ve been featured on various radio shows such as: VibeLebanon, Radio One Lebanon, Mix FM Lebanon, Frisky Radio, ReadyMixSessions, theSUC to name a few.

Their first release came out on the MyDust label under the name: “A Little Love” which is exactly the message these boys intend to deliver. Their producing career began commercially in October of 2008 and their discography includes:

– A Little Love [MyDust]

– Treasures [MyDust]

– Hey You! + remixes by Ceasar K & Ilja [Vibe Lebanon Records]

– La Barbie Sahara [MyDust]

– That Child [MyDust]

– We Believe [MyDust]

– Study This ft Asma [MyDust]

– Raw Soul + Ceasar K remix [Vibe Lebanon Records]

Who do they love?

Masters At Work , Jay Tripwire, Osunlade, Jimpster, Depeche Mode, Deep Dish, Celia Cruz, Layo & Bushwacka!, Baloo, Heather, Giom, Asad Rizvi, Chus & Ceballos, Dimas, Rhythm Plate, Inland Knights, Alex Celler, Loco Dice, Frankie Knuckles, Danny Tenaglia, Junior Vasquez, Garbage, Rocco, Francois k, Manoo, Samim, Lawnchair Generals, Gotan Project, Audio Soul Project, Joeski, Penn & Jabato, Elon, DJ Rasoul, DOP…. and the list goes on

Ladies and Gents, G! & Special_kase bring you House Music from Beirut, Lebanon!


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