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Future Signal is a three-man group consisting of Tom Parkin, James Gorely and Mike Quick, formed in 2004….. Their first release came in 2006, and after a remix of Audio’s ‘No Soul’ for Habit in 2007, the following year brought solo releases on Habit, Freak and Obscene. This pushed the trio into the scene and secured gigs at Therapy Sessions after being signed by Anger Management. …. 2009 saw Future Signal playing out around Europe in cities such as Porto, Kiev,Gdansk, Budapest, Rome and of course their home city of London. A collaboration with DJ Audio saw a release on Teebee’s imprint Subtitles, from which they received a great response. Exploring the ‘neuro-funk’ side of their producing led to releases on Disturbed recordings and hasled to collaborations with Proktah, Maztek and Zero Method which have all delivered great results….. This year is set to be one for building on these foundations, with more collaborations planned and forthcoming tracks on M-atome, Flight Recordings, Focuz, Subculture, Sinuous, Order in Kaos and many more!! Future Signal are now being represented by Tom @ Grassroots and are available for dates throughout 2010 and beyond! 

T-Before we start can you please tell us a little info about Future Signal?

Future signal are made up of James Gorely, Michael Quick and Tom Parkin, We all live in London. We went to school together in Surrey back in the 90s and have been producing together for the past 6 years. We all love the Neuro beats which is where we started but are feeling the Minimal Vibes at the moment, we think this is reflected in the tunes we are coming up with at the moment.

T-Who does what in Future Signal?
James – is the bassline man, he works tirelessly to produce the crisp heavy basses that we are still working hard to achieve. He is responsible for putting together a fair proportion of our recent tracks. He also Djs at our gigs Europe wide.
Mike – Sample maker and Beats – Mike spends much of his time making samples Basslines, beat and incidental noises which we use again and again in our tracks. Fruitloops Studio 10 fan and technical guy working on new ideas and noises all the time.
Tom – FS all rounder, Likes to mess up noises and vocals. He has Djd all over Europe with FS including Spain, Bulgaria, Germany and Czech Republic.

T-What do you use in your studio?
We sequence on Cubase and use Kontakt for most of our bass noises. We also use Fruityloops as a scratch pad and a sample maker to bring to the studio when we get to sequencing.
We use old school PCI powercores our reverbs and EQing.
We are currently using Mackie 824s and are running a pretty old PC with a Edirol FS-101 soundcard. We also use a midi keyboard, but most of our tunes are sequenced manually.
T-Do you think we can say Drum’n’Bass is still being underground music? Why?
DnB is definitely still underground, partly because there isn’t the following in the UK at the moment. On the other hand due to the likes of Noisia and Pendulum Drum and bass is making it more and more accessible to consumers of other music, but the real true fans make DnB a full underground genre. It’s always the fans that make music what it is!

T-What drove your toward Drum’n’Bass sounds and your style in specific?
We have all been friends since school (James and Mike were at the same Primary school too), during this time our tastes have changed a lot James and Mike were rock and punk fans and Tom was mainly into Hip hop and some other dance stuff. The Cross over from rock and Punk was a logical step, fast and aggressive. With the likes of Konflikt, Bad Co and the RAM crews producing fast aggressive tracks it satisfied the desire for hard and dark tracks.
T-With synth/software technology available today is it easier to make music? What do you use for producing music?
This is a tough question at the moment, It is obvious that technology will keep progressing and making music production more accessible, however there is still an art in making the right noises with the equipment available and sequencing them into a full and complete arrangement. The more we produce the more we think that the arrangement can make a huge difference to the feel of the track. We also need to update our setup, we are finding ourselves hitting the limit of processing power on most tracks.
The biggest advances for us have been the ability to produce on a Laptop and the processor power to create the noises that we previously had to bounce down and reimport.
Favourite VSTs are Kontakt, Massive, FL Morphine, FL Biohazard.
Oxford FX Pack, Waves Effect packs.
Free Plugs check them out – Camel Crusher, UPStereo,
T-Where there any specific producers/artist to influence you and your career as artists?
There will always be influences for any musicians, we are all huge Noisia and Prodigy fans and each of us have our own preferences other than that, many not in the world of drum and bass for example NOFX, Rage Against the Machine, Amon Tobin.

T-You ever participated in squat parties? Ever been arrested?
Um, not for Squat parties, one of us has experienced a night at the pleasure of her majesty (i.e in a police cell) and didn’t enjoy it much, but we are obviously all squeaky clean nowadays.

T-What do you have lined up for the summer 2011?
Summer 2011, involves a Few gigs across London and Europe and a festival in Greece We also plan to spend as much time in the studio as possible, we have a number of tracks that we are working on, we’re going down the minimal route at the moment, so keep your ears out for some Deep and Dark basslines coming your way soon.

T-Final words for the fans, fellow producers/artists/Djs and the scene in general?

Simply a big thanks for all the support! We do this for the love of the music, but the buzz you get when you hear a track that you’ve written Banging out of a huge system and hundreds of people dancing away it really hits home. It’s amazing to see! To our fellow producers keep up the good work, we’re always up for collaborations and Remixes!!!!



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