Francisco Manuel Díaz Estevez was born in the year 1981 in Madrid (Spain). As a big lover of the electronic dance music since it’s beginnings he started his career as a dj back in the year 1999, focusing his work firstly in the genre considered as Techno, evolving with the years and with the development of music to the Prgressive house, genre which defines nowadays his productions and the different sets he carefully elaborates for different web pages and forums such as:,, his residency in which consists of a set monthly, and the usual requests he receives from friends managing radio shows from all around the world as a special guest.
In the year 2008 his interests flew towards te production world with the guidance of important producers he already knew by then, always trying to maintaine that dark sound that marked him, but using oftenly more relaxing or deep sounds in order to not enclose himself in a determined brand.
In the year 2009 looking for new ways as always Francisco uses a new library of sounds which he defines as more "electronic and unconventional" to produce his new tracks leading to a work that could fit into an "Experimental progressive". In the other hand his sets and his image as a dj has improved strongly using more specific music based in a deep, melodic and atmospheric feeling. Through 2009 he also gets a new residency thanks to his classy work in the radio station Insomnia Fm.
Thanks to the full support he received from the mexican label Indalo Records his first EPs can be bought in Beatport today and he is working with some friends bringing new remixes to everyone who enjoys his style.


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