Fernando Ferreyra

Progressive House

DJ from the 15 years, began in parties playing of that time Techno – Pop, then he began to work in a Discotheque of the South of Santa Fe (Rufino-Town Disco) he was times in those that he didn’t play in Discotheque but he always stayed informed and playing in its house as hobbie, in the summer of the 2003 began to play in a Bar in the you take care of Rufino to make know the electronic music since in the interior it was not the style that people consumed, with a success that took it to the local disk (Rufino – Tekila) having an exclusive hint, then from Laboulaye (city of the South of Córdoba), he was summoned for an exclusive party of X4 Energy Drink (Hache Disco – Laboulaye) and of there in but electronic music’s exclusive hint with a very good success since the environment and the interior of the same county is difficult. –

Their style has roots in the music with which was educated in its adolescence, New Order, Depeche Mode, Jean Michael Jarre, Vangelis, U2, The Cure, Kraftwerk among other and of such Djs as Hernán Cattaneo, Sasha, today for today your sets is enriched of very deep sounds with bases of rhythms traditional deep going by very marked breakz, sounds that have to do with the true and real Progressive House. –

In the year 2006 carried out a cycle of events of electronic music in a bar of Rosario’s city, Baretto, in which every weekend played djs so much local as of other places of the country, on the other hand it participated in events in such discotheques as El Sotano, Gotyka Club, Mediterraneo, Tokyo Club, Blue Velvet, MEI, La Macarena. – He has played in Buenos Aires in such places as La Cigale and White Room (guest by Joe Fisher), and through a cycle together with ADN Alternative and ADN Bookings, in Jacko’s Club, also for these moments he is developing a monthly cycle in Tokyo Club (Rosario) with renowned DJs of the country. –

It shared booth with different local Djs and of others Countries among them John Creamer, Dj Tarkan, Hans Tavera, Gabo, Fernando Picon, Marcos Paz, Tommy Jacobs, Facundo Mohrr, Marcelo Vasami, Oscar Lacava, Marian Vigneau, Adrián Orellano, Nico Bunge and the local Martín Bonansea, Pablo Pinto, Deep Mariano, Tomás Caturla, Nick Lay, Jonathan Okanto, Patuka, Digital Industria, Nicolás Maseda, Gesiete, Brian LC, Digitalmod among others as Expander of Uruguay. –

Lastly it shared booth with one of most important djs of the world, Dj Tarkan from Turkish, it was a very important moment, he’s an idol form him, also at this date shared booth with Fernando Picon, Hans Tavera (Fiberline), share booth with John Creamer at the FEED, an importan event of your City, Rosario.-

He has been invited to such show as: De Usuhaia a la Quiaca Hosted by Gerardo Boscarino (Frisky Radio), Proton Radio Hosted by Randall Jones, KSK Radio Hosted by Defender Droids, After 99 Hosted by Hans Tavera, Frecuencia Zoom Hosted by Cristian Gandini, Vogue FM Hosted by DjPremiumOne.-

Weekly bill with a Radius Show, www.adnalternative.com.ar, in which you have been their invited such djs as: Dave Seaman, Austin Leeds, Jeroma Isma-and, Emjae, Steve May, Derek Howell, Dominc Plaza, CPM, Frangellico, Pablo Pinto. Tomas Caturla, among other, in the case of his sets they always surround basically the sounds of Progressive House, inclined very toward the Deep Progressive and Breakz. –

Musical production: it has developed productions musical amateur with software PC (Reason, FL7) and something of sequences MIDI, playing lines of Deep Progressive House.

Your tracks has supported for: Dj Tarkan, Hans Tavera, Hernan Cattaneo, Deep Mariano, Martín Bonansea, Marcos Paz, Cristian Gandini, Nicolas Coronel, Dj Ceratti, Federico Epis, Gerardo Boscarino, amog others

Your Father Luis Jose has been the most importan influense, he was the music teacher and the guide in a music ways.-

Actually he is working with Bit Records Mexico, Mestiza Records, Underground Lessons Records very importan labels of electronic music.-


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