Ezequiel Marotte


Ezequiel has been a DJ since his 15 years, he was born in 1985 in La Plata city town, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Through his childhood he has shown an addiction and interest for music, which immediately introduced him into mixing music for several events. In the next years, he began searching for new and different sounds that produced a great growth for him and an immense passion for electronic music. Thanks to his parents, Ezequiel had an important influence with sounds like New Order, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, to name some between so many others of that decade, one of those three, his favourite.

At the same time his interest for some of the biggest well known figures in the electronic music world, such as Hernán Cattáneo, Deep Dish, Danny Tenaglia, Sasha, Underworld, John Digweed, to name a few that called much the attention of him.

At the age of 19, Ezequiel became resident for the first time in a small club in La Plata during the year 2004 and then started to won place on other local events. With only 20 years old, he began offering weekly sets in a local radio station, with unique and particular sounds for his early age, and he counted with the participation of different invited artists.

Ezequiel is a fresh talent in constant growth and is a good referent in house/progressive music. With an impressive and fast advance he released itself to the world of music production in which he made some co-productions with Minoru Hirata, his DJ friend and Mexican producer. Actually Ezequiel has two signed EPs for Progrezo Records label and is part of tis booking.


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