Ekala, a female artist from Tbilisi. With 3 full length albums under her belt, 175 released tracks on labels such as CR2, System Recordings, Piso Records, Celestial recordings, Musictracx etc.. remixes for first class artists such as Moussa Clarke and Berny, Levan, she’s quite the opposite of a newcomer.

Ekaterina Matchavariani (aka EKALA) born in 07/08/1977 in Tbilisi, Georgia. She was only 7 years old when got stunned by the electronic music of Kraftwerk. She was too young to know, but she was alre

ady a musician by calling to feel that her world was rocked by a sound. This single, an absolute phenomenon in her childhood, played a key role in defining her future musical direction.

In Spring 2006, Ekala produced her first track "Piu" from a newly-installed music program on her home computer. In August 2006, Piso Records (UK) released her first EP "LET IT MOVE YOU"(including 3 tracks "Piu", "Mind Bender" and "Let it move you").
Less than a month later, System Recordings, one of the USA’s largest record labels, expressed interest in Ekala’s distinctive sound & style and released many singles…
She also makes remixes for many labels and independent artists.

From the outset, Ekala has used her organizational and communication skills to contribute substantially to the evolution of Georgia’s club culture. Her life transformed into music.

She started with minimal and tried herself in different types of electronic music. Up to this day Ekala experiences different inspirations and is in constant search of finding the ways to express it in music. How she feels, every stage of life she conquers, every step of her spiritual trip she expresses in every beat, every note of her music.


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