E.L.I & Alex

Techno / Electronica


Eli Atala was born in Bekaa, Lebanon in December 2nd, 1983. With musical influences from his family and friends he began listening to rock and alternative music in his early years. In the late nineties and due to the vast expansion of electronic dance music, he started to get involved into this genre and collecting vinyls.

In 2001, he began to develop his mixing skills playing at local clubs in the area. In 2004, he moved to Beirut to play in many clubs and pubs in town. He was characterized by mixing a wide variety of styles together and that got a great acceptance from the public. Although he had the opportunity to start playing in many famed clubs in the area but he decided to step up in his career and move to Dubai to study musicology to fulfill his vision into producing his own music. From this moment he entered the circle of IDM as well as playing at Dubai Marine beach resort.

In 2008, he moved back to Lebanon and managed to create his own studio and to boost his professional skills to reach the level that he desires and to release his own tracks.
With his unique revolutionary style, he is looking forward to bringing new sounds and advance with his career to perform in Regional and International events…

> Alex

Alex entered the realm of music when he was 8 years old when he picked up the piano, and later on played bass with "Wake n

Bake". His musical quest and passion got him to experiment with various instruments such as the xylophone and the djembe.

Searching for truth in sounds he joined forces with Eli in 2007 when they released "Synergia". In February of 2010 he got his first major exposure playing

live at the "Together:New England Electronic Music Festival" alongside Damian Lazarus, Sian and Lee Burridge to name a few.


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