Dark Progressive

Dejan Zakic aka. DJ kiDe, born in 1982. and raised in Serbia. Had his first contact with DJ-ing and professional equipment in the spring of 2006. With his very first, debut show at the local club, he showed promise that quickly followed by performances all over the county. Up until the end of 2009 he was basically oriented towards a bit softer sounds, mainly house and electro but started to shift in the sure and steady direction od progressive which was obviously a good choice. By the mid 2010 he created his first deep&dark progressive mix, which was followed respectively on the internet and made quite a positive result. The same mix made it’s way to Lacandon & Venes, producers/performers and it made quite a good aftertaste, not to mention positive comments on the same. Their comment was mainly towards something new and a bit different than the rest which ofcourse brought us to where we are today. After a few sets thay agreed to extend their gratitude by offering him a spot as a guest in the future shows, such as “Mistique Platinum” and “Dark Sensess”, both on the radio station Pure.FM. Some of his best sets made their way to the rest of DJs running their own shows like “Phobiq Show”, “Elements of Darkness” and “Terminal velocity”. They all liked what they heard and decided they wanted a new guest in their shows, with his amazing sets. You all know the name by now…DJ KIDE


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