Dee Pump

Deep Progressive

Dee Pump, privately known as Daniel Bodrych was born on the 1982. He lives and works in Zb?szy?. He is interested in music since was young. He started to step at the age of 18. From the beginning he found as the most interesting style "pumpin". In 2002 he bought his first mixer. One day he found something that changed him for good. In 2007 was a big breakthrough in his unraveling music adventure. From 2 maybe 3 years he gets deeper & deeper into his new love, Progressive House. In July 2008 is first success in his career because he had in Frisky Radio with his progressive set. In April 2009 he get started program in Pure Fm Radio, „Alone in the dark”. That found appreciation among listeners in all parts of the world. At now, his new project is a “Deepology”. It’s available on Beattunes from July 2011.   


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