Dark Soul Project

Progressive House

The Idea of the Dark Soul Project, was born in 2009, when in the search of the sound of many producers where aimlessly, had end, when they find the soul and essence of the ancient progressive house, the darkness of the deep, and the new influences of the minimal techno.
Is so this fusion of rhythms gave birth to the project.
The idea is to make sets with its own control, marking different times, creating climates on purpose to well wrap a world of sensations, that’s the atmosphere that dark soul project is working for.
Ivan Jaime, aka IVO, was the forerunner and who originated the idea where this took place in a scientific analysis of music, which consisted into analyze the spirituality of music from the occult as Solfegios, to the music therapy, which today gives us solutions to common medicine can not.
The Dark Soul Project, goes beyond music is something spiritual, seeking the essence of the sounds of primitive cultures such as Celtic, African and Egyptian, as well as the groove, and the movement of the new sounds of the house.
Feelings and emotions generated by music shows that in people, as well as produces physical movements, a strong bass lines, with heavy percussions, and pads with surround sound is the characteristic of waves that reach the spirit too.

Like the way that the ancient chants of the ritual followed by the drums not only called the gods, these united people too, in body and soul.

This is what the project is looking for. Fellowship, spirit, and pleasure, the perfect symbiosis.

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