Deep & Dark Progressive

The fisrt sound, which Georgi Kozhuharov produced on 1 of september 1988 gave a start of the life of Dar-K.
He spent his early years roaming between music and sport. People have told him that he could make a musical career like a singer but he prefered sport. This decision helped him to growing up a healthy and goodfitting boy. With this growing up and his sence about music. About 8-9 years ago he faced with electronic music. Inspite of that he has been a little boy yet, he realised that he really felt this kind of music. Òhrough the years he learnd more about it and trying to found his own style. There are same more special producers, which influenced over him and helped him to find it – Martin Garcia, Tarkan, Sultan, Facundo Mohr, G-Pal and Marcelo Vasmi. He passed over many styles – funky, club, deep, tech, tribal, progessive, minimal. This brings him the chance to extend his knowledge about music. And than… it came the first bigger success about him – he had the courage to make his own radio show on TM Radio in November 2006 called ‘Better Feeling’. Òhrough the borders of show he met a lot of different DJs and producers. They helped him to enriched his musical culture. People start to identify him and to like the music he’s played. In the begining of 2007 he became a part of Reverse Booking, where he had the opportunity to work with other very talanted musitions like Kintar, Rex, dPen, Federico Epis, D.Denchev and other. He pulled his time with music and a bit of economic lessons for the univesity, where he’s studying. Dar-K has been working over his own projects, which you will be able to hear soon… so stay tuned.

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