Deep & Dark Progressive

The name of Dencho Denchev appeared on the musical stage in the middle of 90`s,when as a teenager he gave assistance to the presentation of musical trends in one of the most attended clubs in Stara Zagora,his native town.Having hardly reach 15 years old,he made the first steps like an independent dj in the club "Voodoo".Then he continued with numerous performances in atractive local clubs. He clearly demonstrates,that he definitely isn’t a fan of the commercial sound.Entirely attracted by the House music,he presents it-dynamic,progressive,deep and dark with vocal elements ,as he gradually seeks to build up a club stage in his native town. After a hard work,his talent is noticed by his colleagues and already formed fans.He recieves many invitations to worm grand parties up,where he starts his professional career.Then a lot of invitations are given to him by the biggest clubs in Bulgaria,spinning side by side with other famous dj-s from the country or abroad . At the beginning of 2005 he made the "REVERSE"project,which is a promo organization working on the development of club culture and electronic music in Bulgaria.
Now He start producing and his first tracks are played in the biggest world clubs `the mountain overturned (original mix)`support by: Jason Jollins /Pacha Club New York/ and  Nick Warren, Close and Feel supprot By Dj Tarkan and lot of More…


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