Minimal / Techno

Riewert Petersen [Carbon] was born in 1977 in northern Germany. At the age of 14 he started to play the guitar in a band. Inspired by the big trance music wave of the 90s Riewert and Nils Voermann founded their first electronic music project „Midi-Terranien“. This downtempo project still exists and every year they have bookings on different european festivals and parties.

After producing the first cd on Atari ST, he steadily became more and more interested in music technoligies. In 2002 Riewert acrossed with minimal techno and realised his passion for it. In 2006 as the result of „19 inch talkings“, he built up his own studio „Sonoa“ in Hamburg, St Pauli in collaboration with two friends. Now he works there at his new minimal-techno project „Carbon.


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