Barry Jamieson


I have been part of the electronic music scene since the mid 80’s. I have been releasing music for the past 22 years.

I have spent the last 8 years working along side DJ Sasha and Charlie May, recording and mixing all of Sasha’s work since 2003. This includes the ground breaking Involver and Involver 2 albums.

My most recent work has been remixes with Sasha for the Doves – "Jet stream", Damian Lazarus – "Spinning", Little Boots – "Earthquake", and most recently my remix of Hybrid – "Can you hear me now" and "Home coming ". The new track from Charlie May and myself.

I also did a lot of remix and production work with Bill Hamel. We have done remixes together for Madonna, Brittany Spears, New Order and Seal, which we were both nominated for a Grammy in 2004 (best remix) for the track "Get together".

I am just finishing up a new solo album project that I have been working on over the course of the last 12 months.

Barry Jamieson was co-owner of Fluid Recordings UK Limited, and one half of Evolution, Bluefish, Arrakis, JB, and Escape.

He started his musical career way back in 1986, when (with fellow musical partner John Sutton), Evolution was first formed. Their first single “Came out of nowhere” was released on their early record label Positive Vinyl. They called on the services of a young DJ, who was starting to make a name for him self, to remix the track. His name was Sasha, and it was his first ever venture in to the recording world. As you might have guessed, it was the start of a great friendship.

As one half Evolution, he had built up quite a reputation, over the year’s. With hit singles such as “Love is calling”, “Phoenix”, and the massive, “Walking on Fire” of 2003.

Barry (and his past production partner John Sutton) had also been responsible for some great remixes over the past 10 years. These would include, BT “Quark” & “Dreaming”, Bedrock “Heaven Scent”, Breeder “Tyrantanic” to name but a few.

Barry has always been very much involved in every aspect of the music industry. From engineering, and co-producing nearly all the track released on Fluid, to putting out quite a few of the classics tracks with which Fluid had become renowned for. Tracks such as Arrakis “Aira Force”, Escape “Cascade”, JB “Lazy Dayz”, and of course, the infamous, Evolution “Phoenix”, which was featured on the very first Sasha and Digweed “Northern Exposure Album.

With numerous gigs under his belt, like Dance Valley (Holland 2001) to Love Parade (Berlin 1999) to Renaissance (Ibiza 2000) to Synergy (Cape Town 2002), he has built up a formidable reputation as a DJ and Live act (Evolution).


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