Andi Numan

New Zealand
Minimalist / Techno / Electronica

Dj/producer Andi Numan’s roots spread back widely into all things sonic. Years of world travel, wide musical influence and love of the esoteric and unknown may well be what give Andi’s melodic tracks a depth and emotional charge that is well sought after in dance music. Andi’s passion for music is also equaled by his long interest in martial arts, meditation, and wellbeing. His first release, the Four Fourty EP came out in late 2007. Although it was the first release on a new label, Goosebumps Records (Fady Ferraye), it quickly made its way to the play lists of top international djs. Among other support, tracks from the Four Foury EP have been played several times by Hernan Cattaneo on his Saturday night radio show and top ten charted by Simon Flower (Poker Flat, Moon Harbour, Dessous). Andi began djing at 16 in the early 90’s, after being taken by the raw vibe of New Zealand’s emerging underground dance scene. He soon had the chance to play out regularly at Auckland’s legendary club Box, and the infamous warehouse and outdoor events of those days. As a DJ, Andi’s musicality and embrace of new technology and effects has given his workout sets of tech house, electro and minimal design an added creative dynamic well beyond straight track to track mixing. With ongoing music study from percussion and organ classes at 3 years old and then time spent mostly on classical piano, after beginning to dj he was also more than ready to enter the vast possibility of electronica’s synths, drums and samplers. After banging it out on his first analogue drum machine bought with a friend there was no going back. Since then Andi has slowly developed his sound, creating a unique journey within each track and dj mix. Look forward to innovative future releases and remixes from Andi in the coming months… www. myspace. com/andinuman


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