Ali Inzel (RIP) 1991-2009

Progressive House

Ali Inzel, was born in Istanbul 1991. He has been in electronic music since from age of 9. First, his guidance genre was trance music.

His ambition was become a Dj in 2004. He started bring the tunes and mix it as a unskilled Dj. Ali’s ambition has given him a chace to play some in Istanbul "Studio Live,Marrakech,Olimpia Live,Shaker,Club Booze" and many more. Later while he met some friends and important people who has some connections to internet base streaming radio’s.

Ali’s perspective into this music is not a desire it is a passion to serve to his audience. His Dj skill brings, melodic, athmospheric, sophisticated and enthusiastic, his audience returned him as a highly appreaciated compliments. Ali’s radio show is broadcasting from Proclubbin’ Fm, as "Show The Way In Depth" In his radio show he is harmonizing Trance and Progressive House, also this technic brings an idea for him about the future productions.


Ali Inzel – Fagernes Sunrise (Original Mix)


DjPremiumOne – Keep Walking (Ali Inzel Remix) [Andromeda Recordings]
Christos Fourkis feat. Lady Danny – Black Rose (Ali Inzel Remix)
Christos Fourkis feat. Lady Danny – Black Rose (Ali Inzel Re-Edit) [CD-R]
Dousk – Sidewalk Lovin’ (Ali Inzel Bootleg Remix) [CD-R]


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