1. Who is 6blocc ? What does the name stand for?
6Blocc is a veteran bassline technician / specialist. The name means you can hear
me dropping dubstep bass from six blocks away in every direction = Big Bass

2. What got you into electronic music and dubstep/bass music in particular ?
I’ve been dj’ing since the mid-80s playing mostly hip hop / electro. In the early 90s
the record shops in L.A. began to sell import records from UK / Europe and I began
to play breakbeat techno / early jungle records and that’s when the rave scene in L.A.
began and it’s still going!!! Since that time I’ve played jungle, hardcore techno & DnB.
Around 2006 I heard a mix from Youngsta and it switched me instantly into the world
of sub harmonics = dubstep. It’s kind of sad to me that dubstep is now so nutty / crazy
because it’s lacking the deepness it first had and now is a very disposable music made
for drugged out kids in USA.

3. How long have you been producing and DJing ?
I first played drums and piano when I was 8 years old, then I joined orchestra in high school.
Around 1984 I began using digital drum machines and synths like Synsonics Drums, Yamaha RX15,
Yamaha CS01 synth, MemoryMoog + synth. I began dj’ing about 1986 mostly high school parties
and even on the legendary hip hop station KDAY.

4. Do you go for turntables or CDJs when you’re DJing, or maybe live ?
When I play dubstep / jungle / dnb it’s mostly CDJs. But when I play hip hop, reggae, funk
it has to be vinyl.

5. What DAW(s)/VSTs do you use when producing, any recommendations ?
Strictly Cubase – Massive, Sub Human, Z3Ta+, Intakt, Vanguard Virus Polar, Renegade, Rob Papen synths.

6. What’s been your best gig so far ? your favorite crowd? Why?
Every show in LA is fun no matter the size. The people love the music and they get crazzzzzy.

7. If you were given the choice to perform alongside anyone you want, who would it be ? Produce or remix someone who would it be?
Perform alongside Congo Natty. I would love to remix Paradox (Dev) into future jungle flavor.

8. Name your top 5 dubstep/bass/Jungle producers of the moment. Digging any labels in particular ?
1. 50 Carrot
2. Flosstradamus
3. Radikal Guru
4. Stagga
5. Enigma Dubz

Labels I’m into are Sub Slayers UK, Moonshine Recordings, Subway, Resonance, Hench & LMR.

9. What’s the future of dubstep in your opinion ? Where do you see the genre heading ?
I see more abstract / experimental styles coming soon. Although, there is the loud annoying mainstream side to
dubstep I think the darker / deeper styles will last longer and keep the real headz submerged in bass for years
to come.

10. Any forthcoming releases in the works ? What are your plans for the rest of the year ?
Well, I’ve been working with Dj Muggs in the studio and together we knocked out an album called
Bass For Your Face droppin’ on Ultra Music soon. We also have a trap ep / video coming out for Mishka Clothing.
I also produced a song with Major Lazer for Snoop Lion’s upcoming reggae album. The song will be a
single / video and it’s called Here Comes The King. It’s a dubstep tune I made years ago and Diplo added his
magic touch to it and now it’s on Snoop’s album!! I’ve also been in the studio non stop knocking out sample packs.
I have 3 sample packs dropping for the christmas season: West Coast Trap, Future Jungle Breaks n Bass and
6Blocc Bassline Collection

11. Any advice for the upcoming producers, djs? A word to the music fans?
Take what you do seriously and look at yourself like a business. Every waking moment should
be dedicated to furthering your career. Make the music you really love and always try to be
different and not copy the ‘hits’ like most producers do now. To the fans, thank you for your support
because without you I would have to work a 9-5.



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