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Beattunes in the dunes, at the UAE desert.


  Name Deep-L & Deepness
Genre Dark Progressive
Country Argentina

Deep-L, Lucas Ferraro (born March 4, 1993. Buenos Aires City), better known by his stage name Deep-L is an Argentine dj, composer and remixer. Ferraro started his career at the age of thirteen where has obtained the pleasure and opportunity to mix in live in his first club, with over 300 people enjoying the event. After three years of having played in several clubs and bars. He has decided to dedicate more time to his musical composition to liberate his first works as solitary and was charted and respected early for his music by some artists inside the global electronic music scene.
Then built his first show at the radio station online: Beattunes.com. Where was titled: Trippy Dark. At this time, also performed mixes, boosting ratings for its afternoon rush-hour by their new show Ft Deepness titled: Alone With A Rhythm.
He is credited as a key figure in the popularization of the group : Deep-L & Deepness who feel the real sound underground of progressive at this time as style of electronic music characterized as Dark Progressive. The group has released two albums, which were so-called ‘’The Beginning’’ & ‘’Music For Sick People’’. Both album's headed inside the lists of many dj's recognized at present. The hits singles included "Native Gods", "Wake Up and Smile", "Calling the shadows". and "Age of Darkness" and among more.
In 2012, he was part of the compilation album titled V.A - Is for the kids. Dedicated and released only to the fans. in christmas as a little gift from Distants Records.
In this new year 2013 they bet to the hundred percent on his third disc called: "Blood, sweat and tears" to obtain his best sound.

Deepness, Deejay, producer, composer and owner at Distants Records, Rodrigo Ferraro aka. 'Deepness', is a multi-talented artist who has wowed a progressive sound lovers worldwide and gained the respect of his peers with his diverse, but distinctive blend of dance music. The music emanating from the DJ booth is that perfect club mix of driving percussion, fused with avant-garde sounds and soaring musicality, bursting out of the speakers, soaking everyone in darkness, drenching them in sound.

When Rodrigo began producing music, he showed potential and promise along with unnervingly solid talent, almost immediately. Preserving the quality of music as a priority undertook the search for fresh sounds with his brother Deep-L, thus providing one of the best mergers within the dark field of music. Each production issued has a unique taste, increased vocal, fused percussion with tribal and incredible bass lines result in a unique sound. But not before he had spent the previous five years building his skills giving priority to the sound of the European continent.

With the passage of time has gained the respect of local and international artists and he had the opportunity to mix on radio stations likes: KSK Radio FM 101.9, Beattunes, Eilo.org, Proton Radio, Pure FM, Insomnia FM, Mcast, TribalMixes, Election Radio, KL80 1 FM, among others.

It also have large stakes in clubs and pubs such as: Bulness Class, Glam Club, Club Rio, LaCasona, Club Bronx, Club Positivo, JustJustin, More Lounge, La Morocha (MDQ), Charly Brown ConceptBar (Neuquen), Dublin Club (SM Andes), Complex Chapelco (SM de los Andes), SuperClub (Neuquen), Boomerang (Cl), Spazio Kubic (Cl) among others. Thus giving the opportunity to mix at events outside their home country.

Currently within the production area, Deepness, works in studio and reached the Top 2 of progressive charts in July 2011 with his partnership at the EP 'Voices of Desert´ by the artist Deep-L. It also has its own radio show called ''Distants Records Sessions'' at Insomnia FM. The sound that identifies it now consists of Progressive House fused with dark & tribal elements.



- Alone With A Rhythm 048 beattunes.com Nov16
- Alone With A Rhythm 047 beattunes.com Oct16
- Alone With A Rhythm 046 beattunes.com Sept16
- Alone With A Rhythm 045 beattunes.com Aug16
- Alone With A Rhythm 043 beattunes.com June16
- Alone With A Rhythm 042 beattunes.com May16
- Alone With A Rhythm 041 beattunes.com Apr16
- Alone With A Rhythm 040 beattunes.com Mar16
- Alone With A Rhythm 039 beattunes.com Jan16
- Alone With A Rhythm 038 beattunes.com Dec15
- Alone With A Rhythm 037 beattunes.com Nov15
- Alone With A Rhythm 036 beattunes.com Oct15
- Alone With A Rhythm 035 beattunes.com July15
- Alone With A Rhythm 034 beattunes.com June15
- Alone With A Rhythm 033 beattunes.com May15
- Alone With A Rhythm 032 beattunes.com Apr15
- Alone With A Rhythm 031 beattunes.com Mar15
- Alone With A Rhythm 030 beattunes.com Feb15
- Alone With A Rhythm 029 beattunes.com Jan15
- Alone With A Rhythm 028 beattunes.com Dec14
- Alone With A Rhythm 027 beattunes.com Nov14
- Alone With A Rhythm 026 beattunes.com Oct14
- Alone With A Rhythm 025 beattunes.com Sept14
- Alone With A Rhythm 024 beattunes.com Aug14
- Alone With A Rhythm 023 beattunes.com July14
- Alone With A Rhythm 022 beattunes.com June14
- Alone With A Rhythm 021 beattunes.com May14
- Alone With A Rhythm 020 beattunes.com Apr14
- Alone With A Rhythm 019 beattunes.com Mar14
- Alone With A Rhythm 018 beattunes.com Jan14
- Alone With A Rhythm 017 beattunes.com Dec13
- Alone With A Rhythm 016 beattunes.com Nov13
- Alone With A Rhythm 015 beattunes.com Oct13
- Alone With A Rhythm 014 beattunes.com Sept13
- Alone With A Rhythm 013 beattunes.com Aug13
- Alone With A Rhythm 012 beattunes.com July13
- Alone With A Rhythm 011 beattunes.com June13
- Alone With A Rhythm 010 beattunes.com May13
- Alone With A Rhythm 009 beattunes.com Apr13
- Aniver5ary at Beattunes.com March 2013
- Alone With A Rhythm 008 beattunes.com Mar13
- Alone With A Rhythm 007 beattunes.com Feb13
- Alone With A Rhythm 006 beattunes.com Jan13
- Alone With A Rhythm 005 beattunes.com Dec12
- Alone With A Rhythm 004 beattunes.com Nov12
- Alone With A Rhythm 003 beattunes.com Oct12
- Alone With A Rhythm 002 beattunes.com Sept12
- Alone With A Rhythm 001 beattunes.com Aug12
Links http://www.deep-l.com.ar http://www.deepness.com.ar
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