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  Name Oliver Morgenroth
Genre Electronic
Country Germany

Oliver Morgenroth is a well known figure in the german ELECTRONIC MUSIC SCENE since the early 1990's. His UNIQUE style ranges from PROGRESSIVE House & Trance, BREAKS, Electro, Minimal, TECHNO to Chill Out & AMBIENT. In all his tracks his love to CHARACTERISTIC SOUNDS and well BALANCED arrangements can be heared. No matter which genre, all comes within a SPECIAL RECOGNIZABLE OM touch!

Over the years he has worked with big names from the electronic Dance Music scene: Tom Novy, Jerome Isma-Ae, Tomcraft, Lemon 8, Dyno, Fady Ferraye, Raf Fender, Bobby Deep, DJ Taucher, Kintar, Marcelo Vasami, Retroid Royal Sapien, Moshic, Noyd, Shane, Shamanah, Silence 'O' Phobia... to name a few.

Oliver Morgenroth stands for DEEP POWERFUL, HIGH QUALITY MUSIC with a DISTINCTIVE SOUND - As a PRODUCER, LIVE ACT or DJ, his gigs are known for taking the CROWD onto a MUSICAL JOURNEY, letting them fall INTO TRANCE while DANCING with a SMILE!

The very 2011 he RELEASED his CLASSY TIMELESS productions on well known labels such as: Inkfish Recordings, JEE Digital, Contrast Records, Liquid Inc., Hyline Music, Mestiza Records, Freitag Limited, Jetlag Digital.


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- Hunter & Force 004 beattunes.com July 2014
- Hunter & Force 003 beattunes.com March 2014
- Hunter & Force 002 beattunes.com November 2013
- Hunter & Force 001 beattunes.com August 2013
- Deep Pulse Modulation beattunes.com March 2013
- Das ist hier kein Wunschkonzert beattunes.com
- Artist Of The Month May 2012 beattunes.com
Links https://www.morgenroth-music.com
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