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  Name Matias Ricciardi
Genre Dark Progressive
Country Argentina

Matias Ricciardi was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1987. He grows up listening bands such as Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Yes, Led Zeppelin, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, thanks to his father. His interest was growing more and more, on having listened To Analogical Synthesizers, Electronic Batteries and sounds out of the conventional thing.
After listening to some recommendations he found the electronic music. Starting with Kraftwerk, going through Vangelis, and by 2001 know "Progressive House", that would become the base of his music.
Since that day, his love for electronic music grew, and he decided to appear in bars and pubs underground, up to coming to cabins of recognized Discotheques in the year 2006.
In 2010 began his career as a producer for the label Distants Records, already with a defined sound, Dark Progressive.
In 2011, is the guest of various radios, as InsomniaFM, PureFM, Eilo Radio, Beattunes, mCast, Radio Life.
Nearing the end of 2011, Matías play his music in different Discotheques of the country, always inside the Dark Progressive, style that was, is and it will continue being what pushes it to continue.


- Hidden Anxiety 020 beattunes.com Jan 2014
- Hidden Anxiety 019 beattunes.com Nov 2013
- Hidden Anxiety 018 beattunes.com Oct 2013
- Hidden Anxiety 017 beattunes.com Sept 2013
- Hidden Anxiety 016 beattunes.com August 2013
- Hidden Anxiety 015 beattunes.com July 2013
- Hidden Anxiety 014 beattunes.com May 2013
- Hidden Anxiety 013 beattunes.com Apr 2013
- For Beattunes.com 5th Anniversary March 2013
- Hidden Anxiety 012 beattunes.com Feb 2013
- Hidden Anxiety 011 beattunes.com Jan 2013
- Hidden Anxiety 010 beattunes.com Nov 2012
- Hidden Anxiety 009 beattunes.com Oct 2012
- Hidden Anxiety 008 beattunes.com Sept 2012
- Hidden Anxiety 007 beattunes.com Aug 2012
- Hidden Anxiety 006 beattunes.com July 2012
- Hidden Anxiety 005 beattunes.com June 2012
- Hidden Anxiety 004 beattunes.com May 2012
- Hidden Anxiety 003 beattunes.com Mar 2012
- For beattunes.com 4th Anniversary March 2012
- Hidden Anxiety 002 beattunes.com Feb 2012
- Hidden Anxiety 001 - beattunes.com Jan 2012
Links http://soundcloud.com/matias-ricciardi
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