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Beattunes in the dunes, at the UAE desert.


  Name VoV
Genre Progressive
Country Bulgaria

Vladislav Tsvetanov aka VoV, started his music experience In the year of 2001,
When he and four other guys, created the Magrathea parties and promotion in Bulgaria. The name was inspired by the Douglas Addams’s book “Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy”, where Magrathea was the name of a planet In which the other planets were created, and it’s a metaphor for “Creating different audio-visual atmosphere at every event”.  Trough the years Magrathea created a strong connection between a lot of young and creative people in Bulgaria and the nearby countries.
VoV have always liked the progressive and atmospheric sounds and the fine emotions and meaning in it and no mater if  he’s recording a mix or a track in the studio, he always tries to keep this delicate connection alive, positive and beyond any specific music genre.
In 2004, Magrathea became the organizers of Earthdance festival in Bulgaria and together they made a lot of beautiful open air and club parties with many of the most talented artists in Bulgaria and abroad. Till now, VoV became part of numerous parties and festivals and has played along with names like Nick Warren, James Zabiela, Jaia, Slam, Lee Burrage, Andrew K, Tsuyoshi Suzuki, SBK, Skazi, Olliver Prime, Jaia, DJ Tarkan, V-Sag , Banco de Gaia and many more.
Currently, VoV is preparing his new album Pathfinder, working on his live performance and who knows...


- Beattunes.com Promo Mix April 2016
- For Beattunes.com 6th Anniversary March 2014
- Beattunes.com Promo Mix July 2013
- For Beattunes.com 5th Anniversary March 2013
- For Beattunes.com 4th Anniversary March 2012
- Artist Of The Month - August 2011 beattunes.com
- Spring Progression - April 2011 beattunes.com
- Cacao Feeling beattunes.com 2009
Links http://www.myspace.com/vovsounds http://www.vov.beattunes.info
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