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Beattunes in the dunes, at the UAE desert.


  Name Trakhadrom
Genre Drum n Bass/ Jungle/ Dubstep
Country Lebanon / Ukraine

Trakhadrom is a series of monthly Drum n Bass podcasts/DJ-mixes to play and download started on February 2011 in Lebanon. Uploaded on Beattunes.net & presented By "Skitzo" and "Tavarish" members from the DMG* crew.

The cast features local & International DJs/Producers. Dedicated to introducing and spreading the different styles of Drum n Bass. Expect energetic sets, head drilling bass lines & filthy beats.

Hosted by Tavarish (Ukraine/Lebanon), passion to electronic sounds is redefined in his sets. Spinning all styles of Drum n Bass from the jazzy soothing "Liquid funk", dance floor bouncy "UK & Jump up", digital sounds "Tehnoid, Tekstep & Neuro" to bashing & grinding "Hardstep" Drum n Bass. A raw obsession & a brilliant ear.

*DMG is a collective of DJs, Artists, Photographers, Designers & Music enthusiasts promoting and spreading a wide range of Electronic Music (Drum 'n' Bass, Dubstep, IDM, Breakcore, Breaks,Glitch, Jungle, Hardcore, Techno, Glitch-hop...etc).

Trakhadrom Guests:

Miss RedFlower 




Future Signal












- Trakhadromcast017 Guest Mix Infamous beattunes.com
- Trakhadromcast016 Guest Mix Eiton beattunes.com
- Trakhadromcast015 Guest Mix Junglefever beattunes.com
- Tavarish - TrakhadromCast 014 beattunes.com
- Trakhadromcast013 Guest Mix Ogonek beattunes.com
- Trakhadromcast012 Guest Mix Dextems beattunes.com
- Trakhadromcast011 Guest Mix Kitech beattunes.com
- Tavarish - TrakhadromCast 010 beattunes.com
- Trakhadromcast009 Guest Mix NEONLIGHT beattunes.com
- Trakhadromcast008 Guest Mix SPKTRM beattunes.com
- Trakhadromcast007 Guest Mix C.A.2k beattunes.com
- Trakhadromcast006 Guest Mix COOH beattunes.com
- Tavarish - TrakhadromCast 005 beattunes.com
- TrakhadromCast004 Guest Mix Future Signal beattunes.com
- TrakhadromCast003 Guest Mix Dose beattunes.com
- TrakhadromCast002 Guest Mix Miss RedFlower beattunes.com
- Tavarish - TrakhadromCast 001 beattunes.com
Links http://www.soundcloud.com/dmgcrew http://www.soundcloud.com/tavarish http://www.trakhadrom.beattunes.info http://soundcloud.com/trakhadrom http://www.facebook.com/groups/dmgcrew/ http://www.facebook.com/dmgcrew
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