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Beattunes in the dunes, at the UAE desert.


  Name Dalton Trance Teleport
Genre Ambient / Experimental / Psychedelic
Country Croatia

Ambient and oldschool Goa DJ/since 1994/, member of TranceAlpine//Austria// ...Nenad Djordjevic alias DaLtOn lives in Rijeka/Fiume, Croatia... was born in Krusevac /Ser/. As DJ he made first rave party in Krusevac, which was one of the first in ex-Yu, on the 27th of March 1994. Known as d.j. DaLtOn's he started with twin bro Deja Dalton/ R.I.P./ to play goa trance, and worked with famous names like: Electric Universe, Astral Projection, California Sunshine, MFG, Power Source,Tristan...Festivals: AURORA festival 2011/2012, Voltron 2012, Future Nature festival, Zen.It festival, Life Celabration festival... Worked in Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Turkey, Norway...  



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Links http://www.myspace.com/daltontranceteleport
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