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Beattunes in the dunes, at the UAE desert.


  Name tarek anTabi
Genre Deep House/ House/ Techno/ Tech House
Country hyper spAce

With 15 years of dj-ing under his belt—tarek anTabi has been gigging all over the world with performances in New York, Miami (including its annual Winter Music Conference), Los Angeles, Hollywood, Boston, Paris, Monte Carlo, Beirut, Dubai, Portofino (Italy), Hammamet (Tunisia), Nicosia (Cyprus), Cairo, and more!

tarek anTabi's talent has been showcased along side superstar djs like Solomun, David August, Behrouz & John Acquaviva!

•booking | tarek@anTabi.com






- A.M 10 2015 beattunes.com
- A.M turns II beattunes.com June 2015
- anTabi broThers - whaT we are abouT March 2015 beattunes.com
- misplaced beattunes.com Feb 2015
- SUDDENLY - tarek anTabi & Baloo 12 2014 Beattunes.com
- a taste of my night @Provocateur Oct 2014 beattunes.com
- PLAYROOM feat tarek anTabi @ELECTRIC ROOM beattunes.com
- misplaced beattunes.com June 2014
- misplaced beattunes.com Mar 2014
- misplaced beattunes.com Feb 2014
- anTabi broThers live @club AM October 2013 beattunes.com
- misplaced beattunes.com March 2013
- anTabi broThers - whaT we are abouT beattunes.com Feb 2013
- anTabi broThers - whaT we are abouT beattunes.com Dec 2012
- i even club in the shower - beattunes.com March 2012
- tarek anTabi & Baloo - SUDDENLY (A2) beattunes.com Jan 2012
- tarek anTabi & Baloo - SUDDENLY (A1) beattunes.com Dec 2011
- i HeART HYPE beattunes.com Oct 2011
- anTabi broThers - whaT we're abouT beattunes.com August 2011
- anTabi broThers - whaT we're abouT (b side) beattunes.com August 2011
- bag of tricks March 2011 beattunes.com
- ~ sTill lost in the desert - beattunes.com June 2010
- ~ on the fly - beattunes.com March 2010
- hiaTus - beattunes.com Dec 2009
- booTleg* back it up Berlin - tarek anTabi's sleepwalking booTleg
- March 2005 - beattunes.com
- July 2003 - beattunes.com
- high end (michael jaindl and tarek anTabi) August 2002
Links http://www.soundcloud.com/tarekantabi http://www.facebook.com/tarekantabi
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