Ohm Hourani

Minimal / Techno

Ohm Hourani – Electronics engineer, Sound engineer, Electronic music producer, Live set performer and DJ.

After developing a passion for electronic music, Ohm Hourani made his move from Jordan to Montreal two years ago leaving behind a promising engineering career and his home country to fully pursue his dreams. With big ambition and a humble personality is on a lifelong mission to further develop his musical ear. It’s a journey that has taken him across the world and continually tests his understanding of the human psyche. This curiosity has evolved into innovative live sets that have resonated locally and internationally.
From playing BO18 in Lebanon to Stereo in Montreal he has gained massive support from progressive-minded music enthusiasts and critics alike. His main goal is to infuse traditional techno sounds with ground-breaking engineering. It’s this insightful and minimalistic approach that has driven his career. With a load of releases on well respected local labels such as Bad Pony Records, Casbour Recordings, Microzoo and Mile End Records, his career has only just begun.



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