Born and raised in a family of musicians, started playing the piano at the age of 4, the violin at the age of 7, played in front of a crowd for the first time when he was 12.. yeah, right ;);) Not me. I’m not one of "those" with a musical background – i’m just that ordinary guy you meet on the streets and who, accidentally, happens to have found his passion. Music. I guess my love for the electronic music started in ~2003/04 with listening to ATB, some commercial productions by Mauro Picotto and Paul Van Dyk and around 2006 i found Dimas, Chus & Ceballos, Simon & Shaker and etc., who, at that time, were spinning progressive tribal and instantly won my attention and affection. Since then i’ve been in love with that kind of electronic music, later finding out about names like Moshic, Kintar, Maindave, Chris Micali, Kasey Taylor, Dousk, Sultan, Tommyboy, V-Sag, Tarkan and many more, whose music captivated me. Later on, following the trends in electronic music I wasn’t very "thrilled" by the electro and, later on, minimal wave, but since tech house has emerged as a trend-setter it has occurred to me, that after digging through a ton of rubbish you might actually find some gems worth contemplating. That’s the reason I’m putting up mixes and doing it without sparing any efforts, I just believe those gems should reach more people…


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