Deep House / Techno / Tech House

In 2008 Ebok found what he had yet to discover was the beginning to his musical expedition when he came across www.beattunes.com . The epiphany that overwhelmed him was so unexpected it took him to a world beyond the music, into an "underground" dimension waiting to be explored. This inspirational moment triggered the need to master the art of the genre to a level the world had not yet experienced, let alone was ready for. After experiencing some of the world’s most renowned deep house, tech house, and techno party scenes, he acquired the skills needed to refine his mixing techniques. With this, he perfected meaning of "soul food" feeding you with emotional resonance in every set. Having already attracted the attention of the local music outlets such as producers and event planners, Ebok will be collaborating with local record labels in a cocktail of DJs to give the fans exactly the fix they’ve been looking for. So put your ears to rest, ’cause what comes next will blow you away. Celebrate Ebok’s progress with him live at Lebanon’s one and only Forest Frequencies Festival this August 2014!



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