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Drum n Bass

Straight out of Russia comes the energetic stepper, Evgeniy Belov aka C.A.2K. At the young age of 23, C.A.2K was noticed by Russian Dj Gvozd and shortly after C.A.2K’s tunes were being played on the radio, This was a big stepping stone for C.A.2K as it motivated him even more to consistantley be found in his lab cooking up some “tekky-distorted bassline” beats. C.A.2K’s tekky twisted dnb, landed him a dj gig at the legendary “Therapy Sessions” night that was held in Russia. Since then he has been traveling across Russia playing several different sized events spreading his infectious sound all across Russia. He has been on 9 cd compilations and has forthcoming releases with one of his favorite producers and influences, Mumblz, from the U.S.A. and Cooh is also a huge influence and mentor for C.A.2k and both have been providing much dj support all across the globe.

T- What does the name CA2K come from? Mean? Any other aliases you would like to share & tell us the story behind?

Name C.A.2K actually means nothing. It is like unique letters or numbers that helps u to find me quick in Google. Like label name DSCI4.

T- Tell us a bit about Russia & electronic music? Any updates on the bass scene and has it changed over the recent years as in UK & USA?

In Russia a lot of people involved in drum and bass music. Especially in my town Saint Petersburg where i was born. We have here raves (Pirate Station) which gather almost 20. 000 people only on drum and bass music. We have good radio support and lots of local parties in clubs. I don’t know about scene changes a lot, i know only that we trying now to make parties with monstersound promo group for people who really love drum and bass music.

T- What were/are your musical background & influences? Is it obvious in your Drum’n’Bass productions?

I was involved in music 11 years ago. When tech step was very popular. And i have listened to a lot of CD’S and mixes of Ed rush, Andy C, Dieselboy, Tech Itch etc. My main mentor and fav. artist is COOH, who gives me real motivation to make music/, This is the guy who influence my music so much. And i’m always glad to get critics from him. Also i like very much the sound of Katharsys, Sect, Audio, Current Value, Dean Rodell and Absurd to name a few.

T- Your production style how do you define it? What is your favorite production software for D’n’B? You recommend any VSTs?

I will say my music is always different. But one thing i love to make straight beatz to dance easily. In my music you can feel some techno and hardcore vibes. My favourite production software is propellerhead Reason. Also i use sound forge and ableton. But main seqencer is reason. From VST i can recommend to use Oxford Limiter VST for mastering and Massive VST for synth.

T- Other than producing different genres, do you spin as a DJ other musical styles?

As a DJ i am playing only Hard Drum and Bass music. Never tried different styles 🙂

T- A brief idea about your favorite label, what direction you’re heading with your releases? On what bases on do you pick tracks & release them? Does it represent the sounds you like?

Lately i like Subsistenz label a lot, hoping that one day i will sign my music there. Now you can find my tunes on Future Sickness label, Percussiv, Tech Cycle and Obscene. Also i have plans in the future to start my own label!

T- You ever had role models when it comes to producing? Listened to a certain track and tried to get similar/equivalent quality of a bass or the clear cut hit of drum percussions? Any producer (any musical style) ever influenced or motivated you?

When i am producing music i never try to copy something. If it happens accidently it is ok.I just make soundz as i feel and what i like. Thats it. About influence i will say such producers as Cooh, Gancher, O.T.M., Absurd gives me a lot of new ideas and inspirations to make my music, with Absurd we live in one town so we easily can get together and run studio sessions. Cooh, Gancher and OTM use with the same program as me so we easily send the work files and ideas to each other.

T- What was/is your favorite party? Favorite DJ? Favorite producer? Favorite Venue to play at? Favorite track (recently)? Favorite track all time? (might be a hard one you can skip it)

My Favorite party was here in Saint Petersburg! Therapy Session 6 when i was Dj-ing first time and there was over 6000 people listening to my set. My favourite DJ’s atm is Gancher and Ruin and Panacea their mixes are wonderful! Recently favorite track is Dean Rodell – Specific Functions.

T- What would you like to say to Drum’n’Bass fans in Lebanon & across the Middle East?

For fans i want to say that i am very thankful for your interest to my music. Wish you all good luck! Drum and Bass is a really unique music. And i am always glad to see same souls as me around 🙂

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