Drum n Bass/ Jungle/ Dubstep

Brainpain is a merciless sound oppressor using heavy bass artillery, NO PRISONERS. Once You hear his always fresh tracks selection You’ll never stay the same…

Brainpain played along side many producers like:
Balkansky / Cooh, Forbidden Society, Panacea, Dub Elements, Gancher & Ruin, Future Signal, Eye-D, Switch Technique, Dean Rodell, Trasher, Duran Duran Duran, Bare Noize, Erionite, Culprate, Yabol Dry-Rot…

Brainpain released his music on: Wicky Lindows, Ego1st, Deathstep, Austerity, BF, Ammunition, Accomodus, Mindtrick, Section 8, Betamorph, Sustained, BroTown, Dubsaw and many other labels…

Co-founder of independent Dubstep label: Dubsaw Recordings.
Co-owner of Panzer Incus Recordings, a label focused on dark Drumand Bass, Intelligent Breakcore and experimental music (

He used to be a merciless sound oppressor using heavy bass artillery, NO PRISONERS. Once You hear his always fresh tracks selection You’ll never stay the same…

1. Before we start, tell us about Brainpain. Where did the name come from ?
It was many years ago, i was trying to make some beats on my first computer and usualy results was bad. One of my friends told me that my "music" is giving him not only headache but his brain is in pain… Brainpain has born that day.

2. How long have you been producing music ?
From year 2000. From 2009 it became something more than just a hobby.

3. What drew you to the styles of electronic music you play ? (dubstep & drum n bass)
I think i was always in love with drums and broken beats. First i was listening to some heavy Metal, when i heard Slayer track remixed by Atari Teenage Riot i have started listening to electronic music. Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Amon Tobin, Plaid and ofcourse DnB.

4. What do you use in the studio ? (equipment, DAWs, VSTs)
– Brainpain monster PC or laptop
– Ableton 8
– Reason 4
– Audition 3
– loads of Vsts ()
– NI Audio Kontrol 1
– Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro headphones
– Edirol PCR-50
– Akai MPD 26
– Whisky, beer, popcorn

5. The dubstep scene has been gradually getting more and more attention through the years. Some people even claim it has lost its credibility as an underground scene. Where do you think dubstep stands now ? Is there still a real ‘underground’ dubstep movement ?
Dubstep is not dying, it is evolving and there will always be underground scene no matter how many pop stars will try to make big money out of it. Come to Dubstep party where i play and listen to my mix – it will tell you more than words ;]

6. You’ve travelled and performed quite a lot in the past few years. Any memorable gigs you can tell us about ? Countries with the best dubstep scene ?
I have really enjoyed Therapy Sessions Austria. I was playing both Dnb and Dubstep. Great atmosphere and crazy bass addicted people. Austria definately likes it hard.
So Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Czech and Hungary – they have really good Dubstep scenes.But i cant really answer this question untill i check all the other countries ! ;]

7. Who are the artists/producers/musicians that have influenced your work ? Any particular inspirations ?
Most important: Aphex Twin, Atari Teenage Riot

8. Any big plans for 2012 ? Tell us what’s on the way
Always big plans haha. But 2012 is definately big for me. Collabs with Balkansky, Sinister Souls, Loop Stepwalker, Silent Killer, Switch Technique and more but i can’t tell you yet.
My track Uberbrain Ubernightmare will be released soon on a CD compilation on Sustained.
Track Death By Autopsy will be released soon with remix by a DnB legend.
I am also working on CD album.

9. Is there anything you would like to say to all the aspiring producers and young musicians out there ?
Few simple rules: Never give up, always try to gain knowledge about production and be patient. And for #@% sake, do not copy other styles, there is too much of copies of copies. Be unique ! ;P

10.Your tracks clearly have a heavy hard-hitting metal influence. Who were the artists and producers who inspired you throughout the years ?
From Megadeath, Slayer, Pantera… to Digital Hardcore – Atari Teenage Riot, Patric Catani and even Aphex Twin with his Come To Daddy – pretty sick mix.



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