Acid Pauli

Psychedelic/ Techno/ House

The short story about how the Acid came to the Pauli
It all started with a stolen Laptop: Back in the year 2000 a poor Swiss man broke into our
tourbus and took my computer. Ok, it’s stupid to leave a computer inside a car even if you are in
Zurich, but somehow I didn’t really care, ’cause I was young and naive and after all it was the
night after the last show of a long tour and therefore no need for a computer the next day (in
2000 checking emails was something we did maybe twice a month).
Well, time is floating and inevitable the next tour was approaching, making the purchase of a new
computer necessary. This time it was a brand-new laptop, able to run audio-tracks and most
important: virtual instruments, which means, with this new toy I was finally able to make music
with just the computer and no need of putting half a studio on stage. I liked it!
I installed a software called "Rebirth", giving me a virtual 303, 808 and 909 and I started
playing in an illegal club in Munich, just improvising with the software. Needless to say the
music sounded a bit acidish, which at some point made my friend Axel scream "Aciiiiid
Paaauuuuliii". I heard his words with half an ear and decided right away: Acid Pauli, good name!
A year later, a different software, I started putting things together that weren’t meant to be
put together, at least some people thought this.
But I did what I had to do, I combined everything I liked. Cash and Techno, Mancini and Autechré,
Black and White, Yiddish and Muslim. I never cared about borders or anything. Music is music.




Some comments and compliments I’ve heard in the past years:

"Whenever you start playing, people start to look at each other again instead of staring into the

(dance)floor." (Johannes Fabian)

"Hey Pauli, you know when my son was eight years old, he only listened to Rammstein, until the

day he heard your Cash-Remix. Ever since he is just listening to Johnny Cash. I am glad we have

different music in our car now. (Fred Dorfmeyer)

"Acid Pauli is bringing the humor onto the dancefloor." (unknown)


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